How to put in delicious Japanese green tea!!

If you have already tasted Japanese green tea, how was that taste?

I hope that was delicious and make you feel so nice!!!

BUT when you know how to put in delicious Japanese tea, you may notice this one tastes a lot better than usual.

Enjoy Japanese tea life!!

The points are

1: Worm the teapot and the cup up! It’s same with Coffee!

2: 2g to 3g tea leaf is usual for one cup!

3:Wait about 30 sec after put boil water in the teapot with tea leaf!

4:Recommended water temperature is 80 to 90 degree C for Japanese tea!!

You got a nice smell delicious Japanese tea, taste  and enjoy it!!

We will export Japanese green tea wold wide, even small quantity is not a problem!!

Feel free contact us!!

*When you contact us not as company but as personal, please write your name again instead of company name and department!




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