“Sushi” lunch box in Japan

Sushi lunch box

One of typical Japanese lunch box, “Sushi”.
Although there is no rare fish “Sashimi”, we Japanese call it “Sushi lunch box””

This is Sushi lunch box that has 3 low, means “Low calorie”, “Low price” and “Low wasting time(quick food)”.

I bought it 24hours market, price was 380JPY( about 4USD)”, and 539kcal.

Of course we don’t need to cook or reheat it up, just eat!!

By the way, Sushi that is well-known worldwide has rare fish, say Sashimi on the rice.

We Japanese also image it when somebody say “I want to eat Sushi”. But this kinds – roll style, and cover style also we call Sushi, even there is no fish!! This is because all of these are using Sushi rice that are put vinegar and so on into.

Anyway we Japanese take a lot kinds of food for lunch, this is one of typical our style!!

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  1. oh i was looking for that since i ve back from Japan 3years ago! 🙂 could you tell me please what is inside of this sushi up (the yellowone) and what is this on sushi rice up? and i d love you to tell me what may i find in typical japanese lunch box, like this -http://aboutjapan.japansociety.org/resources/category/2/5/2/1/images/IMG_0153_resized510.JPG oh god, i was eating it and had no idea what s that actually. the tasties food ever! ❤

    • Hi edyta, this yellow one is egg (Tamago-yaki),and we call this roll “Huto-maki”!
      Possibly you can find similar style sushi in your country, because it’s more popular in foreign countries that Japan!!

      • i m from poland, belive me that it s really hard to find even similar 😦

      • Hi edyta
        OK, I’ll ask our staff to make a movie how to cook the Tamago-yaki, then post it!!
        Please wait for a while!!! You will know it’s easy to cook by yourself.



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