The Kamakura 鎌倉


I proud Japanese beautiful culture, and if you watch this movie that is added traditional Japanese song “Sakura Sakura” – cherry blossom x 2.

Let’s  enjoy Japanese movie and music!!

Sutra copying

Sutra copying

Yesterday I did Sutra copying, and it was my first experience!

Sutra copying is the East Asian practice of hand-copying Buddhist sutras.

Although I’m not Buddhist, it was fun.

Sutra copying

Sutra copying

By the way for a lot of Japanese, it is not so important that he or she is Buddhist, Christian, whatever..

It means when Christmas, we enjoy it as like a Christian, when new year, we enjoy it as Buddhist, or Shinto, then do Hatsu-mode that is the first pray Buddha or Kami in the year, and usually we do it the first week of new year.

So, of course some of Japanese are rigid prayers, but even so, we’ll enjoy each festival or holidays…

If you don’t mind even it’s Buddhist activity, I would strongly recommend to do as one of tour events.


Do you know TOEIC exam?


Do you know TOEIC exam(Test of English for International Communication)?

TOEIC is the examination of English, and very popular in Japan, no, no…I should say “too much popular!”.

Most Japanese companies use TOEIC score for new employer selection or promotion to Director.



A fanny thing is although this is the examination for measure his English level, but actually it’s not much with.

Even he gets high score, he cannot speak English at all!, Yes “not at all”


Because a lot of Japanese know how to get TOEIC high sore. And there are a lot of school particularly for TOEIC technique!!

Yes, Japanese may be clever, we already developed the technical solution for TOEIC,and it’s not related to English level, just game!!


Classical music in Japan

Music hall in Japan

Japanese also listen classical music of course, and there are lot of bog and nice music halls, such as SUNTORY Hall, Opera city hall, Minato-mirai hall and so on.

Music hall in Japan

Music hall in Japan

The situation of classical music in Japan is, how to say, better than before, I guess.

One of the turning points from minor to major was Manga, name “Nodame Cantabile”.

A lot of young Japanese becomes interested in Classical music!! Then Classical music already have citizen right!


At the same time, a lot of Japanese players get International awards now, such as Mayuko Kamio Violinist, Sayaka Shoji Violinist, Nobuyuki Tsujii Pianist and so on.

I hope wonderful music become more popular in Japan!!


Trend of Hamburger in Japan

Monster burger

We Japan also have major hamburger chain shops, such as Mac Donald’s, Burger King, and so on.

When we discuss about prices, we used to compare Big Mac price in Japan with others!

I look it becomes rare case recently, but Mac Donald’s in Japan is doing aggressive promotion on TV.

Beside such major hamburger shops, more American style hamburgers, means more bigger and deluxe AND more expensive, become more popular than before recently.

One of the reasons should be the result of mass media promotion, they introduce trendy food everyday on TV and sometime they make the trend by themselves.

I went to eat such gorgeous hamburger last weekend.

Monster burger

Monster burger

The shop name is Monster Burger.

Although the name Monster Burger was in Menu, I avoid it because it was too much, like tower!!

The photo is natural their hamburger with Tomato and lettuce and patty with basil sauce.

It was delicious and better than usual hamburger actually, but the price also gorgeous!!


Tempra : Ginza Tenkuni


I think one of the most famous Japanese food is Tempra.

Although there are a lot of traditional Tempra restaurant, I like Ginza Tenkuni because of the taste and reasonable price!!

Ginza Tenkuni Lunch set

Ginza Tenkuni Lunch set

Although I cannot find out where the shop name “Tenkuni” come from in their HP, the Chinese character is “天國” that means Heaven!

So I felt I’m in Heaven during tasting Tempra!!

Cover of Chop stick

Cover of Chop stick





Tempra 2

Tempra 2


Ginza is town name in Tokyo, and the name itself becomes brand!


Rilakkuma 10th adversary

One of the most famous character in Japan is “Rilakkuma“.


And this year Rilakkuma is 10th adversary, so a lot of goods will be sold!!!

Our staff who is the guy also become frenetic!!

You can see a lot of Rilakkuma goods at here


オムレツの作り方 Challenge to Melting Omelette 5th day

First of all, I should say Thank you!!, because a lot of people who saw or knew his challenge, such as blog readers, friends, colleagues, say “don’t mid”,”Never give up”,”Try!!” and gave him advise.

You can see in the movie, this 5th day’s challenge was disaster anyway…

But I know he can do it and will try again!!

ホルモン焼き丼 Bowl of broiled pig innards on skewers

Bowl of broiled pig innards on skewers

Broiled pig innards on skewers is one of the most popular  food in Japan.

The argument is that offal, which before the World War II had been either discarded or used as fertilizer, was grilled and eaten by Korean female factory workers in Japan and became what is now known as horumonyaki, and that therefore the custom of grilling offal (small intestine) originated not in Korea but Japan. (weblio)

It’s so delicious and healthy food!!



Bowl of broiled pig innards on skewers

Bowl of broiled pig innards on skewers

What One Asian Japanese guy eat?

stir-fried liver and Chinese chives

You may know what kind of food A usual Asian Japanese guy eat from this movie!

He ate Japanese food, Chinese food, German food, Italian food, French food, and American food while these couple of months.

Yes, this is typical Japanese style, Japanese accept every kind of food, and sometime mix it!!

Unfortunately he didn’t eat South East Asian food, but of course a lot of Japanese like these food!!