Cherry blossoms 2013 – 1st day

In Japan Tokyo, Cherry blossoms become opening!!

We can enjoy beautiful Cherry blossoms around 1 week from now!!

ラーメン(麺)特集 Noodle special vol.2


I’m happy to think about noodle, especially Chinese noodle in Japan!!

Yes, I love Japanese Soba, Udon, and Pasta too!

Now we try to collect photos of noodle, please send us!!

とろけるオムレツへの挑戦4日目 Challenge to Melting Omelette 4th day


Actually I admire him because he makes an effort to make perfect Omelette, and is thinking about it every time, say Image training!!
Unfortunately – maybe fortunately, it’s very difficult to make it perfect like professional without any direct advice, and have another issue is he must eat it after cook!!
As everybody know, Egg is high cholesterol and should take only 1 Egg per a day, otherwise shall make health condition worth, get damage!!



According him, he like cooking, especially Chinese food is his best. Please imagine, a lot of Chinese food use Egg…
But I know he will not stop his challenge before success!!

I say Good luck to him!!

苺とカスタードのダブルホイップ Double whip of strawberry and castard


I’m pleased to introduce “Happiness 98JPY” series volume 4!!

Enjoy the MOVIE!!!

SHARP 電子辞書 Papyrus PW-AM700-S

SHARP Papyrus PW-AM700

Well, because we need to purchase Electric dictionary, researched well!!

As the result, we selected SHARP PW-AM700-S, this was because the balance between cost and performance is brilliant and the function is enough for us!!

Anyway please see the movie when we open the goods!! SHARP PW-AM700-S!!

98円の幸せ(デニッシュカスタード) Happiness to feel for 98JPY vol.2 Danish Custard

The series of Happiness for 98JPY volume 2!!

We introduce Danish Custard this time, and it was very delicious actually!!

Plus the volume also enough to breakfast or maybe Lunch, so we suggest it strongly to you!!

とろけるオムレツへの挑戦3日目 Challenge to Melting Omelette 3rd day

Well, he tried Melting Omelette again, and again!

Although his challenge on this time was …….???, it is what it is!!

Please see it and leave advice or comments!

Thank you who gave him advise or encouragement for last time challenge!