Chocolate Torte

Chocolate Torte

I can say it’s beautiful! The chocolate torte is X popular pasta restaurant menu.

This restaurant is very famous in Japan due to the reasonable price, enough volume, and nice atmosphere!!

The name is Capricciosa!! They have oversea branches including USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Philippines,Singapore, Guam and Saipan, so please check it!!

Chocolate Torte

Chocolate Torte



Rilakkuma 10th adversary

One of the most famous character in Japan is “Rilakkuma“.


And this year Rilakkuma is 10th adversary, so a lot of goods will be sold!!!

Our staff who is the guy also become frenetic!!

You can see a lot of Rilakkuma goods at here


What One Asian Japanese guy eat?

stir-fried liver and Chinese chives

You may know what kind of food A usual Asian Japanese guy eat from this movie!

He ate Japanese food, Chinese food, German food, Italian food, French food, and American food while these couple of months.

Yes, this is typical Japanese style, Japanese accept every kind of food, and sometime mix it!!

Unfortunately he didn’t eat South East Asian food, but of course a lot of Japanese like these food!!

Japanese noodle(蕎麦) and Bowl of Templa(天婦羅) set

Soba set

I’m pleased to introduce typical Japanese lunch, bit luxury lunch, Japanese noodle and Bowl of Templa set.

Soba set

Soba set

This Japanese noodle Soba(蕎麦) name is HEGI soba which served soba using the seaweed called the glue plant to a container said to be HEGI to tie it of the Uonuma, Niigata district origin.


ニラ玉 Fried Eggs and Garlic chives

Fried egg and garlic chives

Today we introduce how to make Fried eggs and garlic chives that is Chinese food!!

Fried egg and garlic chives

Fried egg and garlic chives

Japanese name is Nira-tama, and it can make easy and quick, and then very popular!

The material is only Egg and Chinese chives, and that is typical Chinese flavor.

This movie is how to cook/make it, please check it!!

Cherry blossoms 2013 – 1st day

In Japan Tokyo, Cherry blossoms become opening!!

We can enjoy beautiful Cherry blossoms around 1 week from now!!

ラーメン(麺)特集 Noodle special vol.2


I’m happy to think about noodle, especially Chinese noodle in Japan!!

Yes, I love Japanese Soba, Udon, and Pasta too!

Now we try to collect photos of noodle, please send us!!