The Kamakura 鎌倉


I proud Japanese beautiful culture, and if you watch this movie that is added traditional Japanese song “Sakura Sakura” – cherry blossom x 2.

Let’s  enjoy Japanese movie and music!!

Sutra copying

Sutra copying

Yesterday I did Sutra copying, and it was my first experience!

Sutra copying is the East Asian practice of hand-copying Buddhist sutras.

Although I’m not Buddhist, it was fun.

Sutra copying

Sutra copying

By the way for a lot of Japanese, it is not so important that he or she is Buddhist, Christian, whatever..

It means when Christmas, we enjoy it as like a Christian, when new year, we enjoy it as Buddhist, or Shinto, then do Hatsu-mode that is the first pray Buddha or Kami in the year, and usually we do it the first week of new year.

So, of course some of Japanese are rigid prayers, but even so, we’ll enjoy each festival or holidays…

If you don’t mind even it’s Buddhist activity, I would strongly recommend to do as one of tour events.


鎌倉大仏 The Great image of Buddha in Kamakura

Buddha in Kamakura

The great image of Buddha in Kamakura is one of most famous statue of Buddha in Japan!

And it is just one Buddha who is designated a national treasure, although there are a lot of Buddha in Japan.

Buddha in Kamakura

Buddha in Kamakura

One benefit of you when you check this MOVIE is YOU CAN SEE INSIDE OF BUDDHA!!


Heart Sutra (般若心経) in Temple – Grave

Japan Temple

Listen Heart Sutra (般若心経)!!

Heart Sutra is origin from India, but we Japanese also vary familiar with it. Because Heart Sutra is not based on schools of Buddhism.

Anyway listen it!!

Beside of Heart Sutra, the movie introduce Japanese grave. Basically Japanese will be cremated when passed away, then below each gravestone, just bone is there.

A lot of Japanese go grave several time per a year for Haka-mairi, means “visiting ancestor’s grave”.