Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Cherry blossoms

The season of  cherry blossoms is now!!

We know it must have fallen by these a couple of days, and this is the feature of cherry blossoms!! We love it!



Cherry blossoms 2013 – 1st day

In Japan Tokyo, Cherry blossoms become opening!!

We can enjoy beautiful Cherry blossoms around 1 week from now!!

Heart Sutra (般若心経) in Temple – Grave

Japan Temple

Listen Heart Sutra (般若心経)!!

Heart Sutra is origin from India, but we Japanese also vary familiar with it. Because Heart Sutra is not based on schools of Buddhism.

Anyway listen it!!

Beside of Heart Sutra, the movie introduce Japanese grave. Basically Japanese will be cremated when passed away, then below each gravestone, just bone is there.

A lot of Japanese go grave several time per a year for Haka-mairi, means “visiting ancestor’s grave”.