Corn Bread

As I introduced before, there are a lot of nice bread in Japan as well as other countries.

Especially because Japan is very expensive whatever you want to buy, if you know there are cheap and nice Bread in Super market, it may helpful for visitors!!

This Corn Bread is very simple taste, but used Super Sweet Corn.

And the point is you can easily cut and separate it to 3 parts by hands!! So very comfortable to eat clean!!!

I know Food is important the taste, the visual, the price, and easy eatable.

デニッシュ編 Danish

We can choice thousands sweet roll, such as chocolate bread, vanilla taste, strawberry jam…bacon egg toasting, and so on in Japan as well as others.

But Japanese bread condition seems very nice if we compare with other dishes in cost performance and quality point.

In this movie, we introduce very standard bread in Japan, the price is 98JPY! I wonder if you know Japan market price, everything is expensive anyway. It’s very helpful for us to be able to eat such delicious and cheap bread!! And please remember when you travel in Japan, you can eat reasonable bread even capital of Tokyo!