Japanese instant noodle

Instant SOBA noodle in cup

As you also have your own instant noodle culture, we Japanese have it!!

Because, when we see the history of instant noodle in CUP, I can say it’s a Japanese culture!! – at least a lot of Japanese believe it, although I’m not sure whether somebody say NO or not.

The first instant noodle in cup was developed by Nissin food company in Japan 1971, the name is “CUP NOODLE”. I know the “CUP NOODLE” series is soled in all over the world, then the taste and others has originality by each country.

For example, Japanese and other Asian countries CUP NOODLE has long length noodle, but Europe one is short, like pasta, isn’t it? So CUP NOODLE is very famous and popular miracle brand of food, anyway.

Just for refer, there are a lot of instant noodle in cup manufacture in Japan as well as other countries. I introduce big 5 companies in this field in Japan.

1: Nissin ( [CUP NOODLE] )

2: Toyo-suisan (Maru-chan)

3: Myo-jyo 

4: Sanyo ( Sapporo ichiban)

5: Ace cock

FYI : the noodle in cup you saw in the movie is Sanyo food made, the name “Curry Nanban SOBA”.

Japanese Furikake – a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

We have very useful food, the name “Furikake”  – a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice.

a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

This is because…

  1. just open and put it on the rice
  2. the rice become very delicious!!
  3. and can take nutrition, thanks Food companies developed the technology

The photo and video is the example of Frikake that is Wasabi taste, so bit spicy.

But I think the most popular Furikake in Japan is Nori-tama – seaweed and egg flavor, I used to eat it in Childhood!!

Enjoy Furikake life when you come Japan!!

Japanese style NOODLE – UDON


I know there are a lot kinds of NOODLE in the world, such as Spaghetti(Italy), Pho(Vietnam), Guotiao(Thailand) and so on!!

Here in Japan, of course, we can eat huge kinds of NOODLE and it’s very popular!!!

However Japan has original NOODLE culture, and one of them is UDON!!



As you can see, the UDON is in hot soup that made from bonito stock.

And Japanese prefer this simple design bowl, name Donburi, for eating UDON!! And also it’s important to decorate well, although it’s same with other countries dish, yes?

UDON is very healthy because low calorie, quick digested, and reasonable price, haha!!

Outstanding SOCKS from Japan with advanced technology

functional socks

Today, I’m pleased to introduce one marvelous product to you, it’s SOCKS!!

intelligent socks

functional socks

You may say these are usual SOCKS, there are no special visually… BUT

If the socks…

  • do not slip down,
  • do not tighten your foot too much,
  • and are not wrinkled, how do you feel?

Is it nice for you? I believe you agree it!!

intelligent socks

“L” is the point!!

As you can see, the shape of socks like “L” !! Please check your socks right now, you know it’s not “L” shape but like “く”…yes?

When we learn about the structure of foot, it’s absolutely “L” at usual standing position.

But because usual socks is not “L” shape, so I can say “Your socks is not fit for you!!”

To be honest, everybody who work on SOCKS company know it..but unfortunately “L” shape require a special technology for making.

This made in Japan socks become true the ideal of SOCKS!

This is the reason why I’m proud of introducing this Japanese product to you!!

intelligent socks

functional socks

“Sushi” lunch box in Japan

Sushi lunch box

One of typical Japanese lunch box, “Sushi”.
Although there is no rare fish “Sashimi”, we Japanese call it “Sushi lunch box””

This is Sushi lunch box that has 3 low, means “Low calorie”, “Low price” and “Low wasting time(quick food)”.

I bought it 24hours market, price was 380JPY( about 4USD)”, and 539kcal.

Of course we don’t need to cook or reheat it up, just eat!!

By the way, Sushi that is well-known worldwide has rare fish, say Sashimi on the rice.

We Japanese also image it when somebody say “I want to eat Sushi”. But this kinds – roll style, and cover style also we call Sushi, even there is no fish!! This is because all of these are using Sushi rice that are put vinegar and so on into.

Anyway we Japanese take a lot kinds of food for lunch, this is one of typical our style!!