Trend of Hamburger in Japan

Monster burger

We Japan also have major hamburger chain shops, such as Mac Donald’s, Burger King, and so on.

When we discuss about prices, we used to compare Big Mac price in Japan with others!

I look it becomes rare case recently, but Mac Donald’s in Japan is doing aggressive promotion on TV.

Beside such major hamburger shops, more American style hamburgers, means more bigger and deluxe AND more expensive, become more popular than before recently.

One of the reasons should be the result of mass media promotion, they introduce trendy food everyday on TV and sometime they make the trend by themselves.

I went to eat such gorgeous hamburger last weekend.

Monster burger

Monster burger

The shop name is Monster Burger.

Although the name Monster Burger was in Menu, I avoid it because it was too much, like tower!!

The photo is natural their hamburger with Tomato and lettuce and patty with basil sauce.

It was delicious and better than usual hamburger actually, but the price also gorgeous!!