Rilakkuma 10th adversary

One of the most famous character in Japan is “Rilakkuma“.


And this year Rilakkuma is 10th adversary, so a lot of goods will be sold!!!

Our staff who is the guy also become frenetic!!

You can see a lot of Rilakkuma goods at here


中華丼:Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

This typical Chinese food, name “Chuka-don(中華丼)Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it”, is very popular in Japan!

This is because, as you can see in Photo, there are a lot of vegetable on it and very healthy food!!

It’s very nice for diet!!

Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Cherry blossoms

The season of  cherry blossoms is now!!

We know it must have fallen by these a couple of days, and this is the feature of cherry blossoms!! We love it!



苺とカスタードのダブルホイップ Double whip of strawberry and castard


I’m pleased to introduce “Happiness 98JPY” series volume 4!!

Enjoy the MOVIE!!!

SHARP 電子辞書 Papyrus PW-AM700-S

SHARP Papyrus PW-AM700

Well, because we need to purchase Electric dictionary, researched well!!

As the result, we selected SHARP PW-AM700-S, this was because the balance between cost and performance is brilliant and the function is enough for us!!

Anyway please see the movie when we open the goods!! SHARP PW-AM700-S!!

98円の幸せ(デニッシュカスタード) Happiness to feel for 98JPY vol.2 Danish Custard

The series of Happiness for 98JPY volume 2!!

We introduce Danish Custard this time, and it was very delicious actually!!

Plus the volume also enough to breakfast or maybe Lunch, so we suggest it strongly to you!!

とろけるオムレツへの挑戦3日目 Challenge to Melting Omelette 3rd day

Well, he tried Melting Omelette again, and again!

Although his challenge on this time was …….???, it is what it is!!

Please see it and leave advice or comments!

Thank you who gave him advise or encouragement for last time challenge!