Korean Food in Tokyo

Korean Food is very popular in Japan!
If you are not Asian countries, you may think it’s similar, because Korea and Japan is very close!!

Yes, we are next door actually, but both countries have our own Food culture each other. Both Korean and Japanese can say which is Korean food and Japanese food.
When we think about this topic include Chinese food, Thai food, Malaysian food, Vietnamese food, Indonesian food, Philippines food, Cambodian food…, Asian countries have local food culture. But if you accept roughly saying, almost all Asian food is affected by Chinese food.

Anyway, the Sundubu in Movie was very delicious and reasonable, although I took it in Tokyo.

Kimuti-nabe : a popular Japanese hotpot with Korean flavors


Kimuti-nabe is a popular Japanese hotpot with Korean flavors!!

Japan has a lot kinds of “NABE” -hotpot, such as Ishikari-nabe, Motsu-nabe, Dote-nabe, Chanko-nabe, Oyster-nabe, and so on.

Cooking is very simple, basically just cut materials and put in hotpot, then eat!! But there is very deep professional tech for each NABE.

This Kimuti-nabe is Korean origin, but according to Korean native, our this is more Japanese flavor from their point of taste.

Theirs is more hot and deep!!! Unfortunately I’ve never been to Korea, but I’ll try it at there in near future!!!