Tempra : Ginza Tenkuni


I think one of the most famous Japanese food is Tempra.

Although there are a lot of traditional Tempra restaurant, I like Ginza Tenkuni because of the taste and reasonable price!!

Ginza Tenkuni Lunch set

Ginza Tenkuni Lunch set

Although I cannot find out where the shop name “Tenkuni” come from in their HP, the Chinese character is “天國” that means Heaven!

So I felt I’m in Heaven during tasting Tempra!!

Cover of Chop stick

Cover of Chop stick





Tempra 2

Tempra 2


Ginza is town name in Tokyo, and the name itself becomes brand!


Japanese noodle(蕎麦) and Bowl of Templa(天婦羅) set

Soba set

I’m pleased to introduce typical Japanese lunch, bit luxury lunch, Japanese noodle and Bowl of Templa set.

Soba set

Soba set

This Japanese noodle Soba(蕎麦) name is HEGI soba which served soba using the seaweed called the glue plant to a container said to be HEGI to tie it of the Uonuma, Niigata district origin.


中華丼:Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

This typical Chinese food, name “Chuka-don(中華丼)Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it”, is very popular in Japan!

This is because, as you can see in Photo, there are a lot of vegetable on it and very healthy food!!

It’s very nice for diet!!

Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

Bowl of rice with a chop‐suey‐like mixture on it

ラーメン(麺)特集 Noodle special vol.2


I’m happy to think about noodle, especially Chinese noodle in Japan!!

Yes, I love Japanese Soba, Udon, and Pasta too!

Now we try to collect photos of noodle, please send us!!


苺とカスタードのダブルホイップ Double whip of strawberry and castard


I’m pleased to introduce “Happiness 98JPY” series volume 4!!

Enjoy the MOVIE!!!

マフィン(ハム&卵) Muffin Ham&Egg

マフィン Muffin

We know British Muffin is very nice, …If my memory is correct, the time which Muffin become popular in Japan was not so old.

I knew it from Mac Donald morning Muffin.

Anyway the Muffin already have popularity in Japan, and you can buy it almost every super markets or 24h market!!


98円の幸せ(デニッシュカスタード) Happiness to feel for 98JPY vol.2 Danish Custard

The series of Happiness for 98JPY volume 2!!

We introduce Danish Custard this time, and it was very delicious actually!!

Plus the volume also enough to breakfast or maybe Lunch, so we suggest it strongly to you!!

とろけるオムレツへの挑戦3日目 Challenge to Melting Omelette 3rd day

Well, he tried Melting Omelette again, and again!

Although his challenge on this time was …….???, it is what it is!!

Please see it and leave advice or comments!

Thank you who gave him advise or encouragement for last time challenge!

とろけるオムレツへの挑戦2日目 Challenge to Melting Omelette 2nd day

Because he failed Omelette on the first day, tried again!!

It seems very nice, but … please look at MOVIE!!

Then if you write comment or advice to him, it’s very kind! He’ll make an effort more and more!!


ラーメン特集1 Japanese Ramen noodle special 1


Almost all Japanese love Ramen that is Japanese style Chinese noodle. Now a lot of Japanese Ramen restaurants go oversea and be accepted by local people!!

In Japan, “Ramen” already established independent category and it’s very popular!! We also want to introduce Japanese Ramen as one of Japanese culture in this blog, so if you have any photos of Ramen, please send it to us!!