Cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Cherry blossoms

The season of  cherry blossoms is now!!

We know it must have fallen by these a couple of days, and this is the feature of cherry blossoms!! We love it!



Cherry blossoms 2013 – 1st day

In Japan Tokyo, Cherry blossoms become opening!!

We can enjoy beautiful Cherry blossoms around 1 week from now!!

98円の幸せ(デニッシュカスタード) Happiness to feel for 98JPY vol.2 Danish Custard

The series of Happiness for 98JPY volume 2!!

We introduce Danish Custard this time, and it was very delicious actually!!

Plus the volume also enough to breakfast or maybe Lunch, so we suggest it strongly to you!!

湘南江ノ島観光 Sightseeing of Shonan-Enoshima

Shonan Enoshima

Enoshima (Shonan area) is one of the most popular landmark in Japan!

A lot of singer write songs and the image becomes very fashionable!!

Shonan Enoshima



鎌倉大仏 The Great image of Buddha in Kamakura

Buddha in Kamakura

The great image of Buddha in Kamakura is one of most famous statue of Buddha in Japan!

And it is just one Buddha who is designated a national treasure, although there are a lot of Buddha in Japan.

Buddha in Kamakura

Buddha in Kamakura

One benefit of you when you check this MOVIE is YOU CAN SEE INSIDE OF BUDDHA!!


ラーメン特集1 Japanese Ramen noodle special 1


Almost all Japanese love Ramen that is Japanese style Chinese noodle. Now a lot of Japanese Ramen restaurants go oversea and be accepted by local people!!

In Japan, “Ramen” already established independent category and it’s very popular!! We also want to introduce Japanese Ramen as one of Japanese culture in this blog, so if you have any photos of Ramen, please send it to us!!

Japanese Furikake – a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

We have very useful food, the name “Furikake”  – a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice.

a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

a seasoned powder for sprinkling over rice

This is because…

  1. just open and put it on the rice
  2. the rice become very delicious!!
  3. and can take nutrition, thanks Food companies developed the technology

The photo and video is the example of Frikake that is Wasabi taste, so bit spicy.

But I think the most popular Furikake in Japan is Nori-tama – seaweed and egg flavor, I used to eat it in Childhood!!

Enjoy Furikake life when you come Japan!!